In the decade of the 1930s, no nation is spared the ravages of the worldwide Depression. Confronted by fear and confusion, the world teeters on the brink between hope and despair.

     From the darkness they come; The Krush, brutal warriors and the destroyers of worlds. Drawn by the Earth’s faltering glow, they arrive seeking death and conquest. But before they may ravage the planet, their genocidal invasion is halted in orbit by the last of the Theria. Forced into an unsteady armistice, the two factions agree to a battle by proxy to settle the fate of the Earth.

     Chris Donner, a jaded veteran of the Great War, will be granted the divine powers of  the Theria and set out towards California altering the lives of Depression era America as he searches out answers and strives to understand why he has been given such a gift.

     Li Chen, an idealistic teenage peasant from Manchukuo, will be chosen by the Krush; his body gradually twisted until it resembles that of a serpentine titan. Hailed as the fabled Dragon King destined to remove the yoke of Japanese oppression from China, Li Chen attempts to lead his people to freedom and a new golden age.

     Both men will irrevocably change history’s course until they are finally drawn together in a final battle that will decide the fate of Earth and its collective humanity.

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