The Krush are a barbarous species originating from the planet Khriss which circles the red giant, Ixion.

khrissThe planet Khriss itself is highly irradiated and subject to intense gravitational stress and tectonic instability. A virtual desert, victim to intense windstorms, violent environmental upheavals,  and viscious earthquakes,  little  to no vegetation grows on the arid surface. The majority of all life dwells within the subterranean tunnels of the planet.

The Krush themselves are a reptilian breed of creature. Immensely strong and fast, they are cunning hunters skilled at close quarters combat in the dark environs of their execrable world. They are blessed with regenerative abilities, the trait of echolocation, as well as the capacity to rapidly adapt to ever changing environments.

Their culture is designed around a clan mentality. Leadership is earned and held through strength, displayed through actions within the tribe as well as against neighboring tribes. Perceived weakness leads to inevitable clashes and death. Such clashes create an unstable, ever fluid battle for authority within the clans.

Due to their poor eyesight and limited tactile capabilities, the Krush lack an appreciation for aesthetic details. They show little to no interest in the arts save in oral tales of past exploits and in battle chants. The only visibile art crafted by the Krush are carvings made into the holy rocky walls of their chambers, a symbolic monument to those past Krush who have earned such blessed right of immortality.

Psychologically they are a sociopathic species. At times capable of great loyalty, they are also willing to sacrifice any and all ties for power. They also relish the suffering they inflict upon others. From an early age, the youth are inculcated with violent tendencies, encouraged to torture creatures as well as are beaten and abused to harden their spirit. Due to the difficulty of survival, the Krush force every generation to learn their cardinal precept: Life holds little value.

The Krush possess an animist faith. To them, their world is alive, their heightened auditory senses allowing them to hear the tectonic heartbeat of their planet. The caves they dwell within are the womb of their mother, Khriss. Their father is the harsh sun, Ixion, whose searing seed was planted in the flesh of Khriss and from which all life arose. It is said that the eye of Ixion constantly watches over his children. He chose Khriss because of her toughness, demanding that his children be strong and ruthless. It is their destiny to rule the galaxy.

Being a subterranean race, the Krush have a deep fear of open spaces bordering on intense agoraphobia. It is said that they fear the sky, dubbing it the void. They perceive the stars to be the lost souls of millions of fallen warriors dubbed unworthy by Ixion.

To the Krush, their planet is sacred. They believe it important to live and die solely upon their world, their flesh, blood, and bones returning to the mother to spawn and feed future generations. That is the natural cycle: Death and rebirth. Should they perish beyond the confines of Khriss, the Krush fear their souls will be lost to the void, punishment for violating the natural order. This is the rationale to their usage of asteroids from within their star system as space craft. Viewed as sisters to their mother, the Krush inhabit the asteroids in order to carry their sacred world with them.

Due to their disdain for reason and their tenuous civilization, the Krush’s technological growth has stunted at a pre-industrial level. They woould have likely  remained relegated to their hellish world if not for their discovery by the Daimones. A space faring race, the Daimones brutally enslaved the Krush en masse to use as soldiers in their armies of conquest. For millennia the Krush served faithfully as a subject race, respecting the power of the Daimones. But then civil war erupted and the Krush seized the opportunity it afforded them. Believed to be incapable of such action, the Krush proved shrewd both politically as well as militarily. The Daimones having come to depend solely on the Krush for their soldiers, they were unable to resist the ascendance of their slaves to power. Now the Daimones are virtually extinct, their technology incorporated into the culture of the Krush who continue their masters’ drive for conquest.

Subject to the cult of Ixion, the Krush believe it their duty to spread the gospel of strength and honor, eradicating weakness from the galaxy one world at a time.


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