The Theria are believed to be an extinct sentient race whose origins remain shrouded in ancient galactic history. The tales surrounding their exploits have been recounted by dozens of civilizations throughout the cosmic arms and interwoven into their own myriad mythologies making it difficult to discern fact from fiction.

Warriors, philosophers, diplomats, and clerics, the Theria’s actions, whether real or fabricated, have had an incredible impact on galactic history. In the tongue of the Forza, the name for the Theria translates as “the hinge,” summing up the beliefs of many that the Theria are the force which initiates new ages and alters historical cycles. Many legends recount their defeating of empires, the prevention of wars, and the salvation of races from dissolution that would later serve an important part in future periods.

To many, the Theria are a race of gods; former protectors who have inextricably vanished from the galaxy and to whom many pray for their return. It is this strange disappearance which has caused many to doubt the validity of the Theria’s existence. That such a powerful culture should vanish without a trace threatens plausibility.

The Theria are said to possess numerous supersensory powers which aid them in their endeavors. Telekinesis, bilocation, flight, and other abilities have been attributed to the Theria. Above all, they are regarded as healers with many tales recounting their ability to even raise the dead.

In recounting their tales, there are questions as to whether the Theria are truly a race or an order. Countless stories tell of individuals from various worlds being drawn into the Theria and joining their ranks following a rite of alteration after proving their purity and worth. This has been substantiated via the legends of Eu’merus and Kamp El. What this rite entails is unknown. If true, further questions arise as to whether the powers of the Theria are tech based or biological.


The fate of the Theria remains unknown. Legend states that, following a great battle for the soul of the galaxy, those few Theria who remained gathered one final time and committed an act of ascension. Attempts to translate what the act of ascension entails have been in vain.

The one sole fact scholars can agree on is that the Theria existed in some shape or form due to the extensive dissemination of their stories throughout the galaxy. Archaeological evidence, however, has proven elusive.

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